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When we know more, we can do more.

We've collected some of the most important statistics and information for your reference so you can do more for the animals of metro Detroit. Feel free to peruse this information or contact us to see how you can help.


Percentage of pet-owners who consider

their pets to be family members.

That's right, 20% of pet owners out there somehow don't think of their pets as their own flesh & blood. Weird right?

Regardless, being aware of your pets needs is vital to keeping them happy and healthy. A few key things to keep in mind as a responsible pet mom or dad:​

  • Make sure your pet is spayed or neutered.

  • Get them microchipped.

  • Keep your dogs license up to date.

    • You can find your county's licensing requirements online, or ask your vet!​

  • Be aware of how much vet bills will be annually. On average, routine annual veterinary care might cost between $200 to $400 for dogs and $90 to $200 for cats.

  • And also, how much a surprise vet visit can cost. Unplanned events such as accidents, injuries, or unanticipated ailments can cost a variable amount more.

    • You can always invest in pet insurance, or ask your employer if it is an option.​

  • Feed them things that are good for them, and be sure to keep them fit and active.

    • The most common health issue in dogs is obesity.​

  • Keep their minds sharp with enrichment.

    • A well trained dog is a happy dog. Invest in your relationship with your pup.​

  • Always have a plan for your animals in the event of a trip or move. Never leave your pets behind! Contact a rescue if you cannot care for your pet any longer, they will always understand.

  • Know your breed! A husky is not a good fit for a non-active household. A beagle will probably need a fenced in yard.

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Cute Kittens

the number of cats that ONE female cat & her offspring can produce over 10 years


Spaying and neutering your pet is important to their health, and to keeping the pet population low. Spaying just one cat can prevent 400,000 homeless kittens over a decade!

Kittens are cute (absolutely adorable even), but the overwhelming number of kittens being born right now is terrifying. Please spay/neuter your pet so their babies don't enter this world without a home.

We firmly believe we can curb the population of homeless animals &

overcrowding in shelters by preventative practices such as TNR and spay/neuter.

We are proud to have established our Shelter Prevention Initiative, an animal welfare grant to fund preventative practices for local shelters and rescues.

If you are looking for programs like these in the Metro Detroit area, please visit any of our partners to learn more:

Project GRACE

Michigan Humane Society

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